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An art show exploring the impact of porn on society. Opening up a conversation about porn, the way in which we consume it, and the way it has affected our sexualities. Looking at the phenomenon of free online streaming pornography, and the ethics surrounding not just the production of it, but also the consumption of it. Porn is so widely consumed yet rarely discussed openly.

A night of art of contemplating the world's favourite pastime, including work from a group of artists whose pieces investigate this phenomenon.

The show raised funds for the not-for-profit Sexplain, who offer inclusive and comprehensive sex education in schools around the UK.

Featuring work from:

Rayvenn D'Clark, Dylan Meade,

Ellen Fagan, Siena Venturino-Malcherczyk,

Robbie Winstanley, Rosie Howdle,

Rafaella Lazarou, Rose Creasey

& Anastasia Meredith-Goujon.


All the stuff you missed at school, or what they didn't tell you...

A sex education workshop from the Sexplain team for University of Arts London students.

This workshop featured fundamental sex ed subjects such as anatomy, consent and pleasure. Also included Play-Doh genital crafting and vulva cupcakes.

Sexplain is a non-profit group who offer inclusive and comprehensive sex education: www.sexplain.org.uk


Looking at the intersection between art and pornography as well as the ethics of porn making and viewership.

Listen to the audio here.


Hello Rooster, Liberty Antonia Sadler, V

ex Ashley, & Disco Titts